Special Events

Elf on the Bookshelf Family Night
Winter Sensory

Family Night @ the Library

Fun activities for the whole family
2nd Monday of each month 
December 12 @ 6:00-8:00 pm  Christmas!

Elf on a BOOKshelf

Elf's favorite shelf is a BOOK shelf!  That's why he's decided to spend this holiday season reading great books at the American Fork Library.  Each Tuesday, beginning Nov. 1st, he'll have a recommendation for you.  See if you can use the clues Elf provides to figure out each week's book title.  Correct guesses submitted at the Library will be entered into a prize basket drawing to be held during Family Night at the Library on Monday, Dec. 12th.  If you can find Elf in the Library that night, he'll probably read you some stories too. 

Full STEAM Ahead

Curious about what would happen if you put an egg, soap, or even a cd in your microwave? Well, don't do it in your parent's microwave, come to the library and let us do it for you! Join us for our November STEAM class as we explore the science of microwaves and make predictions about what happens when you put different items inside and push "START."  Class is for ages 8 – 11, limited to 25 students, and is free of charge.  Monthly online registration is required. 

Tickets available: December 1 at https://steamdecember16.eventbrite.com
Class held on: December 15th @ 4:00 PM
Theme: Cereal Party
Please look at Photo Gallery to see our fun.