Library Policies

  1. Collection Development & Materials Selection

    The American Fork Library strives to provide, within its financial limitations, a general collection of reliable materials embracing broad areas of knowledge.

  2. Meeting & Study Room Policies

    These rooms are available to all groups, provided the meetings are open to the public and the purposes and actions are legal and do not interfere with the activities of the library.

  3. Online Access

    The Internet is provided primarily for research and educational purposes, and it is a privilege, not a right.

  4. Privacy Policies & Guidelines

    This policy protects the privacy of those who borrow materials and request information from the American Fork Library.

  5. Statement of Policy & Operation Guidelines

    The mission of the American Fork Library is threefold: to meet the information needs of our citizens, to provide a rich environment to encourage reading in our children and to improve the quality of life with recreational materials.