Mayor James H. Hadfield

Current term:  2014 to 2018
  • Public Safety
  • Schools/Education
  • Senior Citizens
  • Metropolitan Water Board
  • American Fork Irrigation Company
Mayor James H. (J.H.) Hadfield is a longtime resident of American Fork. He is a veteran with more than 30 years military service. Hadfield retired as a Colonel in the Utah National Guard. He has served the City in a several capacities, giving him a unique insight into City operations.

  • He served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for nine years, six of which he served as the Chairman. 
  • He was a member of the American Fork Irrigation Board and the Metropolitan Water Board. 
  • He worked American Fork City for 15 years as the Supervisor for the Engineering Department.
Hadfield holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Hadfield is an avid supporter of  the Boy Scouts of America, and he volunteers with the American Fork High School Marching Band.  He is married to Elaine Haws Hadfield and they are the proud parents of four children and twelve grandchildren.

Past Mayors

  • Heber M. Thompson                          2006-2009
    Ted Burton Barratt                             1998-2005
    Jess Green                                           1994-1997
    B. Kay Hutchings                               1990-1993
    R. Kent Evans                                     1986-1989
    Malcolm H. Beck                                1973-1985
    Neal Savage                                         1970-1972
    F. Haws Durfey                                  1966-1969
    Glen T. Anderson                               1958-1961; 1962-1965
    George C. Scott Jr                               1954-1955; 1956-1957
    Willard R. Cleghorn                            1950-1951; 1952-1953
    David L. Greenwood                          1948-1949
    David L. Greenwood                          1948-1949
    Glen L. Taylor                                     1946-1947
    O. De Vere Wootton                           1940-1941; 1942-1943; 1944-1945
    Albert Tregaskis                                 1938-1939
    Lloyd B. Adamson                             1936-1937
    William S. Storrs                                 1934-1935
    Warren F. Anderson                           1932-1933
    Jacob LeRoy Greenwood                   1928-1929; 1930-1931
    James J. Grant                                    1926-1927
    Thomas Coddington                           1924-1925
    Jesse M. Walker                                 1920-1921; 1922-1923
    James T. Gardner                                1918-1919
    John Hunter                                        1916-1917
    Earl S. Greenwood                              1914-1915
    Dr. J.E. Noyes                                     1912-1913
    James T. Gardner                                1906-1907; 1908-1909; 1910-1911
    James H. Clarke                                  1904-1906
    Joseph J. Jackson                               1902-1903
    James W. Preston Jr                           1900-1901
    Thomas B. Parker                               1898-1899
    Thomas B. Parker                               1884-1895
    James Chipman                                   1883
    George Cunningham                           1891-1892
    W.D. Robinson                                   1887-1888; 1889-1990
    Oscar F. Hunter                                  1883-1884; 1885-1886
    John McNiel                                       1882    (Finish Harrington’s term)
    Leonard E. Harrington                        1853-1882