The current base rate for residential culinary and pressurized irrigation water increased is $21.68.

For additional information about water rates and how rates were calculated, please refer to the Rate Study and Water Resolution shown below.

Supporting Documents

The following is an explanation of how your utility bill is calculated.
Service Monthly Base Rate Usage
Water* $21.68
$3.49 per 1k gallon
6k gallons/month
6-9k gallons/month
More than 9k gallons
Water Agency Assessment $6.50  
Sewer $35.55 $1.40/thousand gallons
based on the February read
Garbage $10 or $6.65 (additional bins)  
Recycling $5.40  
Storm Drain $6  
Pressurized Irrigation $21.68 (up to 9k sq ft) More than 9k sq ft is billed at
.00271 cents per sq ft
*Culinary meter readings are done in February, May, August and November.

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