Pressurized Irrigation & Water Management

Pressurized Irrigation

  • Pressurized irrigation water is available to all residents. 
  • Pressurized irrigation water is available from mid-April to mid-October. This service is charged year-round to avoid spikes in summertime water bills.
  • When first connecting to system, slowly open up valve in service box to introduce the water into your sprinkler system. Make sure your filter is clean and connected. Leave a hose connected when turning on to release trapped air. 
  • When system shuts down in mid-October, run sprinklers once to ensure the system is cleared out. Turn off sprinklers and hoses and close the valve in your service box. Check and clean filter if needed.
  • If a property is not already connected to the irrigation water system, there is a $250 connection fee. If a customer is not able to pay the $250 up front, the amount can be waived for six months (from the date the customer signed up for service.) 

Water Management

Note: Large residential users such as parks, schools, churches and large commercial developments have been contacted by American Fork Public Works and have been instructed to water during the day.

NOTE: As flows change, watering times and schedules may change and additional restrictions imposed. Watch your utility bills for information.