Get Involved 

The spirit of service has earned Utah the #1 ranking in the nation for volunteerism and civic engagement for nine consecutive years! Volunteerism helps meet critical needs in Utah and provides significant economic and social value for our citizens and communities. We know that volunteers are bedrock in any community. Neighborhoods where volunteers gather and serve are more vibrant, safe, and engaged.

The poet, Henry Longfellow said: “No man or woman is so poor as to have nothing worth giving.” This is the vitality of volunteering; it is something that anyone can do – no matter where they live, their age, income, religious or cultural affiliation. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity that is open to all of us and there are a variety of opportunities throughout American Fork City to get involved, from serving on a Board or Commission to participating as a volunteer.

City Boards and Commissions

  • Beautification Committee
  • Friends of the Library
  • Historic Preservation Committee
  • Senior Citizens Committee
  • Steel Days Committee
  • Summer Concerts Volunteers