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April's Theme: Fatherhood

For each Saturday chore,
And for each broken door,
There’s a dad who is willing to fix it.

If there’s cake to be had
There’s an impatient dad
Who will eat it before you can mix it.

For each uncovered sneeze,
Or each scrape of the knees
There’s a dad who will say, “it’s okay.”

For each hut that is built
With a grandmother’s quilt
There’s a father who’s willing to play.

For each sporting event
There’s a father who spent
A bundle of cash for the game.

For each song, good or bad,
There’s an outgoing dad
Who will sing it aloud without shame.

In an increasingly difficult world, most folks would agree: Fathers matter. Not every home has a father. Not every father is amazing. But everyone has witnessed a dad/father moment—a moment where a good man is seen tying a child’s shoe, or listening with patience to an eye-rolling teenager, or buying a sno-cone for his kids. Yes, dads matter.

At the Library this month

April’s theme at American Fork Library is fatherhood. We have an activity tied to this theme starting
Tuesday April 11, 6-8 PM:  
This FREE 5-session course uses the Fathering with Love and Logic™ approach in teaching dads how to raise responsible kids and enjoy parenting. Registration is required. Must be 18 or older to attend. Presented by Healthy Relationships Utah.

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Article and sporadic verse written by Library Board Member Sam Beeson. Sam teaches English at American Fork High School. He is also an adjunct professor of English Composition at Utah Valley Composition. He considers himself a triple-diamond-level expert in Fatherhood because his wife gave birth five times.