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About the Artist-Charles "Chuck" Gilliam

Mr. Gilliam was born into a military family.  This offered him an opportunity to travel and see much of this country.  These travels afforded him a great source of materials on which he has based his illustrative works; and provided him insight into his new vocation, writing.  With three children of his own, he has only added to his resources for illustrations and writings.  Plus, many years of working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, he has found himself in a position of determining images and words to sell an idea.

Mr. Gilliam is presently an unpublished author and poet, plus a recognized artist.  He is currently writing and illustrating Where Have All The Giants Gone, and several books that combine his paintings and poems.  He has written a professional manual for AT&T Yellow Pages, entitled Creativity in Design, a beginner’s book on layout and design in advertising.

Mr. Gilliam holds a BVA degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, majoring in Illustration.  He worked for thirty-six years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer and for the last eleven years of his professional career as a training specialist teaching other artists how to create effective advertising.  He has worked in graphic design houses, advertising agencies, and had his own studio for five years.  He holds a Certificate of Excellence from the Strathmore Graphics Gallery. 

As a fine artist Mr. Gilliam has had three one-man gallery shows and two two-man shows.  He has shown with the Texas Wild Bunch and participated in numerous art shows.  During his thirty-five years in Texas his work has been sought after by many collectors. And now, having moved to Utah he hopes to continue to produce and show his art creating a greater volume of works with a concentration on art of the West.

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