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The mission of the American Fork Library is threefold: to meet the information needs of our citizens, to provide a rich environment to encourage reading in our children and to improve the quality of life with recreational reading materials.


The American Fork Library selects the following roles (in priority order):

Reference and Independent Learning Center (actively meets the needs of the community for timely, accurate information in their pursuit of job-related, personal interest, and educational objectives).

Children’s Door to Learning (encourages children to discover the excitement of learning and explore a wide range of educational opportunities, programs, and services, including pre-school activities).

Popular Materials Library (emphasizes providing high interest, popular materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages).

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2014 Scary Story Contest Winners
2014 Scary Story Contest Winners
K-3rd grade
1st                    Matrim Estes             "The Quest of the Haunted House"
2nd                   Nora Redding            "The Haunted House"
3rd tie              Orrin Allen                 "Fred the Monster"
3rd tie              Paithan Estes             "A Monstrous Halloween"
HM                  Sidney Eden               "Ghost Bat"
HM                  Ava Morrison             "The Haunted Sunflower Monster"
HM                  Sonora Reaves           "The Haunted Library Book"
4th-6th grade
1st                    Emma Teel                 "Midnight at School"
2nd                   Lilli Teel                      "Halloween Night"
3rd                   Emma Granthem      "Love, Lilly Lavender"
HM                  Cooper Allen             "Zombie Nerds"
7th-9th grade
4-Way Tie       Adrianna Cluff           "And Then There Was One"
                        Miranda Eoff             "The Spirit Speaker"
                        Eve Mecham             "Encountering Bigfoot"
                        Sally Streeter             "Haunts"
10th-12th grade
1st                    Lexy Granthem          "Fear"
2nd                   Arin Opal Leftwich    "Just You and Me Forever"
3rd tie              Andrea Jex                  "The Top Shelf"
3rd tie              Emma Waldron         "The Price for Reality"
HM                  Emily Alt                     "Reader"
HM                  Hannah Dixon            "Skywalk"
HM                  Veronica Rupp           "The Autumn Haunting"
SM                  Katie Bass                   "On the Other Side of the Door"
SM                  Landon Marlowe       "Almost Four"
1st                    Sam Beeson               "Loop"
2nd                   Craig Larson               "Monster"
3rd tie              Annie Funk                 "The Cat Food Diet"
3rd tie              Karen Pellett             "What Happens in the Dark"
SM                  George Paullin III       "The Curse of Pumpkinville"
Grand Prize
2-way tie        Sam Beeson               "The Dream of Every Dentist"
                        Madison Marshall     "The Last Kennedy"
HM Honorable Mention SM Special Mention
Online Book Discussion

Join the Utah State Library and the Utah State Library for the Blind in a live online book group discussion of "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" by Beth Hoffman.
For Library for the Blind users, it is available on Digital Book: DB 72437 or large print: LP 21093. There are also copies available in USL's Book Buzz collection. Go through Interlibrary Loan to obtain copies. Further, it's available through OverDrive in downloadable audio format.
Description: Set in 1967. After twelve-year-old CeeCee's mentally ill mother dies in Ohio, CeeCee's great-aunt Tallulah "Tootie" Caldwell decides to take her home to Savannah, Georgia, rather than leave CeeCee with her negligent father. CeeCee is introduced to genteel Southern living, eccentric family friends, and the housekeeper Oletta. Published in 2010.
Location: Online on your computer
DIscussion leaders: Paula Stuart, Utah State Library for the Blind; Colleen Eggett, Utah State Library
Audience: All interested readers in Utah
To join the meeting:
Bryan McKay Eddington Learning Cener
The Bryan McKay Eddington Learning Center is now open for the school year for anyone needing help with school assignments, reading and other learning skills.
Located in the basement of the Library.

Open Monday - Thursday from 3:00 - 6:00 pm  during regular school days.

Contact Diana at 801-492-3593 during learning center hours.

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