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The men and women of the American Fork Police Department consider it an honor to serve this great community.  AFPD is made up of 35 sworn officers and 7 civilian employees who serve a population of 37,000 people (American Fork - 27,000, and Cedar Hills - 10,000).  We take our stewardship very seriously and would welcome any opportunity to communicate with you concerning crime prevention, case status, respond to questions concerning interaction with our officers, and address any comments you have (positive and negative) about our service to the community.  Please feel free to contact us at (801) 763-3020.  Thanks for partnering with us in making this a great city.

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Residential Rental Permit Ordinance Enacted - Thursday, January 02, 2014

Residential Rental Permit Ordinance Enacted

On November 19, 2013, the American Fork City Council enacted an ordinance requiring owners of residential rentals to register with the City. The ordinance was brought forward by the Neighborhood Preservation Committee with the endorsement of the Police department in an effort to improve the lines of communication and notification between the City’s emergency services and the residential rental owners. The ordinance makes available to the Fire, Police, and Public Works departments the immediate contact information of the owners of residential rentals in the event of a critical incident at their rental properties. In the past, when a fire, water break, or criminal event has occurred at a residential rental with or without the renter’s knowledge, the City has been challenged to locate the responsible party (owner) for notification and to turn the property over to. For example, if a rental is vacant or the renters are on vacation, and the water line ruptures between the main and the house, the city struggles to locate the property owner. The same is true for a structure fire or a criminal event where the renters are arrested and removed from the property – who does the City contact? True, the owner’s information is on the county tax records, but that information may represent a family partnership, LLC, or business for which there is no emergency contact information. This ordinance will facilitate a quicker notification between the City services and the property owners. 
Registration Details:
Who: All residential rentals with the exception of rentals where the owner is on-site or meets the legal definition of an “accessory apartment” (mother-in-law apartment), or residences which are ordinarily owner occupied, but is temporary rented due to the owner being in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, or the owner is on a temporary job assignment, sabbatical, or voluntary service. Owners of multiple rental locations will need an application for each separate address they own.
How: Please contact the police department (801-763-3020) and ask to have a landlord permit application be sent to you, or click here to download an application form.   An application may also be picked up at the police department located at 75 East 80 North, in the Police/District Court Building Suite #101.
When: The ordinance has been passed and now would be the time to obtain your registration permits for your residential rentals.
Cost: $50 registration fee per landlord, $25 renewal registration thereafter if there are no changes from previous year.
Additional Questions: If you have a question regarding this ordinance and its application, please feel free to contact us at
801-763-3020 or at

Residential Landlord Permit Application

Landlord Registration Ordinance
AFPD Crime Prevention Tips While on Vacation - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The police department would like to invite you to read the monthly crime prevention bulletin at the web address listed below.  These bulletins have great information on ways to prevent crime in the community.  If you have any additional questions regarding these suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

AFPD Now on Twitter and Facebook! - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFPD is pleased to announce we are now on Twitter and Facebook. Recieve timely public safety notices, attempt-to-locate alerts (ATLs), missing or lost persons (children & adults) alerts, and updates detailing directed traffic enforcement areas.  We welcome the public's participation in maintaining the great community we live in.

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Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign Announced - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFPD will be conducting a seat belt enforcement campaign starting on Sunday, May 22 and running through Saturday, May 28.  This campaign, funded through a state grant, will focus on drivers and passengers who do not use their seat belts.  The enforcement effort will focus on high traffic areas such as 500 East and State, the Meadows shopping area, and Main Street.  The enforcement effort is part of the "Click it - or ticket it" safety campaign. Please save a life and wear your seat belt! 

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