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Yard Sale Request

  1. Yard Sale Terms

    • No yard sale may be conducted at the same address more than 4 times per calendar year. Each yard sale event shall be for a duration of not to exceed 3 consecutive days.
    • Continuous sales of used or new merchandise at locations used as residences are prohibited.
    • Yard sales may not include new or used merchandise bought for the purpose of being re-sold at a yard sale.
    • Merchandise and goods offered for sale shall not be placed over a public sidewalk or in a public right-of-way.
    • Any merchandise for sale shall be removed from public view no later than noon the day after the yard sale has concluded, and the merchandise shall not be displayed earlier than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the yard sale.
    • No more than 8 signs advertising a yard sale shall be allowed.
    • Each sign shall contain a sticker displayed on the front of the sign on the bottom left-hand corner. The stickers shall be obtained from the City Administration Building, free-of-charge. The City will issue up to 8 stickers and shall mark, in permanent ink, the final day of the anticipated yard sale on each sticker. The City shall keep a record of the person who receives the stickers, the address of the applicant and of the yard sale (if different), and the dates of the yard sales.
    • Signs shall be displayed no earlier than 24 hours before the event begins and must be removed by noon of the day following the last day of the yard sale (as listed on the sticker). The owner or occupant of the address listed on the sign is the responsible party to ensure all signs are removed as provided herein.
    • All signs shall be displayed in an appropriate manner. No signage shall be allowed on city or public property, except as otherwise provided herein. Signs shall be prohibited in public parks, except as provided herein, and shall not be attached to utility poles or boxes, trees, public buildings, or any street/traffic control signs. Signs posted upon private property or in the mowstrip/parkway shall be placed only after obtaining the consent of the property owner and/or permission from the owner of the home located nearest the sign.
    • Any party who displays a sign without the required sticker, or who displays a sign after noon of the day following the date listed on the sticker, shall be assessed a $50.00 fine for each sign violation by city enforcement officers.
    • Any violation of this chapter may be subject to prosecution as a Class C misdemeanor, with the corresponding statutory fines and penalties pursuant to Utah State Law.

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