Meeting & Study Room Policies


In keeping with its mission, the American Fork Library offers the use of its meeting rooms for social and cultural activities, discussions of issues, and matters of public interest. These rooms are available to all groups, provided the meetings are open to the public and the purposes and actions are legal and do not interfere with the activities of the library. No admission may be charged or products sold at the library.

Use of the meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement by the Library and/or American Fork City of points-of-view expressed by participants in a program.

Rooms may be scheduled to comply with regular library operating hours (M-Th 9-9, F-S 10-6).  Reservations may be taken M, T, & Th 9-5, W 9-9, F & S 10-6.
The reservation is subject to payment in full of the applicable rental fee at the time of reservation:
  • Study Room #116 or #215 (max. capacity 4): $5.00/hr. 
  • Meeting Room #219 (max. capacity 10): $10.00/hr.
  • Conference Room #128 (max. capacity 20): $15.00/hr.
  • Gardner Community Room #131 (seating capacity 60, max. capacity 100): $25.00/hr. with or without use of kitchen 
  • This payment will confirm the room reservation, which must include time for set up and clean up. The full rental fee will be forfeited if no reservation cancellation has been made at least 24 hours prior to the reserved date.
  • Use of any room 20 minutes beyond the paid scheduled reservation time will be charged at the full hourly rate for the room.
  • Immediate use of a room is possible if the room is available and the fee is paid immediately.
  • Please check in at the Circulation Desk to receive instructions and have the door unlocked. 
Reserved rooms (whether or not a rental fee is assessed) shall be left in as clean and tidy of a condition as existed when the room users first took occupancy thereof. Sponsor/Applicant shall be assessed and charged for any damage (beyond reasonable wear and tear) to the rooms they use, as well as for the reasonable costs of any repairs, replacements, and/or unnecessary cleaning/tidying of the rooms occasioned by their use.
The name and/or address of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an unaffiliated organization that is meeting in the library.
Children of people attending the meeting must be supervised at all times by an adult.
Groups of youth and children – high school age and under – must be sponsored and must be supervised by an adult. There should be 1 adult per 5 children or youth.
Reservations will include the name of the organization, time desired, number of persons expected, and name, address and telephone number of the person responsible, as well as library equipment needed.
Reservable rooms in the library are available for use by American Fork City, its departments, and committees, without fee or deposit. Such use shall be reasonable and should be reserved in advance.
Study rooms (rooms 116, 215, and 219) will be made available, for reasonable periods of time, at no cost to any individual or group for study purposes. The Library will make every effort to see that student study needs are met.

Click here to print PDF version of Room Rental Form      Click here to print Word version of Room Rental Form


Only adults can make room reservations. 
Long term reservations for monthly meetings may be made for six months at a time and up to six months in advance. Exception may be made for City agencies which are required to announce annual meeting notice. 
Rooms will be assigned in order of receipt of paid reservation.


Moving tables, chairs and other items from one room to another must be authorized by library personnel.
The library will not provide storage, even temporarily, for the property of organizations meeting in the library building.
To ensure no damage shall occur to the library, all decorations must be pre-approved by the library director or designee.
The sponsor of the meeting is responsible for setting up and taking down the room and returning the room used to the condition in which it was found when the meeting began. Kitchen facilities, if used, must also be cleaned.
A piano is provided in the community room for community use. It may be moved out of the room only with library approval, but must remain in the building. Groups scheduling private recitals will be assessed a $15.00 user fee to help defray the costs associated with keeping the piano properly tuned.
Any furniture or equipment with the exception of projectors and screens, other than that furnished by the library, may only be used with library approval.


Smoking is not allowed in any area of the library.
Light refreshments or catered meals may be served in the Gardner Community Room #131, and the rotunda. Light refreshments may be served in the Conference Room #128. Refreshments will not be served in other meeting rooms and cannot be taken from rooms where they are served.
Punch or drinks made from a base containing a dye (e.g., red, green, etc.) will not be allowed in the meeting rooms, as the stains cannot be removed even commercially.
American Fork City fire safety regulations must be observed in all meeting rooms.


Capacities described are the maximum for each room as prescribed by the American Fork City Fire Marshal. Attendance must not exceed maximum capacity. The Library will ask for compliance with the room capacities and reserves the right to terminate the use of the room and require forfeiture of the reservation payment for non-compliance with the library’s request.
Study Room (116 and 215): Max. capacity 4 people
Meeting Room (219): Max. capacity 10 people
Conference Room (128): Max. capacity 20 people
Gardner Community Room (131): Seating capacity 60 people; Max. capacity 100 people


Approved by the American Fork Library Board of Trustees on February 3, 2000 and amended September 1, 2005, May 14, 2008, November 12, 2008, December 12, 2012, May 13, 2015, and April 17, 2019. 
Adopted by the American Fork City Council on May 23, 2000 and amended September 13, 2005, May 27, 2008, January 27, 2009 and February 12, 2013.