Online Access

American Fork Library Internet and Online Access Policy

American Fork City Library strives to encourage reading, advance knowledge, strengthen community, promote the exchange of ideas, and enhance the quality of life. Public access to the Internet and online services is an integral part of these goals.
This policy meets the provisions of UCA Sections 9-7-213, 9-7-215, 9-7-216, and Administrative Rule R458-2-1. The purpose is to provide Internet safety and Internet safety for minors by prohibiting Internet access to visual depictions of sexually explicit material that are child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene. Consistent with library policy and pursuant to Utah Code Annotated (UCA) 9-7-215 the library employs a technology protection measure on all publicly accessible computers connected to the Internet and on the wireless Internet connection that is designed to block or filter visual depictions that are: 1) child pornography, 2) harmful to minors; or 3) obscene; without, in as much as possible, infringing on the rights of library patrons to access constitutionally protected materials. The American Fork City Library Board has also approved filtering all publicly accessible Internet computers and wireless Internet access for online gambling in accordance with Utah Code Annotated (UCA) 76-10-1102 which establishes that gambling in any form is a class B misdemeanor.

In further compliance with UCA 9-7-215(4), an administrator, supervisor, or other representative of the library may disable a technology protection measure at the request of an adult library patron to enable access for research or other lawful purposes on the publicly accessible computers connected to the Internet.

Anyone who uses library computers or wireless connection to access materials in violation of this policy may be subject to loss of library privileges and appropriate legal action. Library staff violating this policy will also be subject to disciplinary action.

Responsibilities of the User

Patrons desiring to use the Library’s Internet access computers may do so with his/her American Fork library card. The library card must be in good standing, with no fines or fees over $5.00. If an individual does not have an American Fork library card he/she may pay a $1 fee for up to a 2 hour session.
There is a $0.10 charge per page for printing from the computers, which is to be picked up and paid for at the reference desk on the 2nd floor. Printers are not available through wireless access.

Use and Access

A session is defined as up to 120 minutes, with one session allowed per day. Individual circumstances such as taking an exam, job search, etc. may allow for an extension of session time. Computer use is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following activities are expressly prohibited:

Use of library equipment or wireless access for illegal purposes is expressly prohibited. Internet users shall not access material that is defined as obscene, pornographic, or child pornography, by state or federal law. In addition, minors may not access material that is defined as harmful to minors under state or federal law.
Engaging in any activity intended to compromise the security or proper operation of computers or network systems, whether internal or external, compromising the privacy of others, or obstructing the work of others is prohibited.

Sending forged bulk, unsolicited, voluminous, or frequent electronic email, violating copyright or other intellectual property laws, or fraudulently misrepresenting one’s identity in any communication is prohibited. Users may not represent themselves as another person nor use Internet access to transmit obscene, threatening, or harassing materials. Gambling in any form is prohibited.

Computer Equipment & Software

Only computer equipment and software owned and installed by the American Fork Library may be used on library computers. Adding, deleting, or modifying the installed hardware or software is expressly prohibited. Intentionally damaging software or equipment may result in prosecution.

Personal laptop computers may be used in the library at the patron’s own risk.  Personal laptop and other electronic device use in the library are governed by this policy.

When using programs with audio, the sound should be turned off or headphones should be worn. The volume should be kept to a level that cannot be heard by other patrons.

Outside disks, portable hard drives, and flash drives will be allowed. The library will not be responsible for storing patron disks and drives.

Children under the age of 18

As with all library resources and collections, the library affirms that parents and legal guardians are ultimately responsible for monitoring their minor child’s access to the library’s computers and the resources that are available on the Internet. The library strongly encourages parents to supervise their children’s use of the Internet and other online resources.  The library is not in loco parentis for the child. 

Administration & Enforcement 

Any user found to be violating this policy may be denied Internet access and library privileges. Violations can result in a warning, denial of Internet privileges, and/or exclusion from the library. All criminal activities will be referred to police, state, and/or federal agencies. If a user disagrees with the action taken by the library for a violation, an appeal may be made to the Library Board of Trustees and then the City Council.

Effective date: March 28, 2000. Revision number 8. Revision date: August 2015. Approved by the American Fork City Library Board August 19, 2015. To be reviewed every three years by the Library Board and the City Attorney. Next revision date: August 2018.