Youth Basketball


Can be done online or in person at the American Fork Fitness Center.
Online open through deadline, late registration can be done in person only
(with $5 late fee) until full. 

  • Deadline: 1st and 2nd Grade: September 
  • Deadline: 3rd through 12th Grade: November  (Registration may be limited for 10-12 grade teams.  Registration may be closed prior to deadline, register early)

Resident Cost (2017)

Non-Residents pay an additional $20
  • 1st and 2nd Grade: $35
  • 3rd and 4th Grade: $44
  • 5th and 6th Grade: $55
  • 7th through 12th Grade: $79

Space may be limited. High School Leagues may fill up prior to deadline. Please register early. 

Basketball Team Formation 2018:

Grades 1st-4th: AF Recreation's utilizes our "Standard" for organizing registrants into teams for these grades.

Standard Method:

1- A Head to head request is guaranteed, if in the same division

2- Organized into areas by using our "Map Number"

3- Organized by using the ASD school boundaries the participant lives in or attends

Grades 5th & 6th: A Coach may present a roster of up to 3 players to be placed on his/her team (with parent’s consent) Additional players will be added by AFR to complete the team using our "Standard" method. Individuals not registering with a specific partial team, will be placed onto a team using our "Standard" method. 

Girls Grades 7th & 8th: Player are placed onto a team using the "Standard" method. This league is generally combined with the surrounding cities' Girls 7-8th leagues. 

Boys Grades 7th & 8th: Boys teams are separated by grade. Each grade is separated into two different division. Players have the option of signing up in the Open Division or in the Self-Formed Team division. 

    Open Division: Individuals registering in the open division will be placed onto a          team using our "Standard" method. Players in this division will only play teams within the same division

   Self Formed Division: A coach may present a complete roster with a minimum of 8 players. Teams who decide to self-form will be placed into the Self Formed-Team Division and only play teams within that division. Players included onto a coach’s team roster will not be granted other player request.

Grades 9th, & 10th-12th: Teams may be completely self-formed. Individuals not registering  with a specific team, will be placed onto a team using our "Standard" method. Players included onto a team roster will not be granted other player request.


Practice Help