Youth Basketball

ALL games scheduled to play February 3 are cancelled. Look to the online schedule for make up game time, location.


Can be done online or in person at the American Fork Fitness Center.
Online open through deadline, late registration can be done in person only
(with $5 late fee) until full. Scroll down for team formation policies & procedures.

  • Deadline: 1st and 2nd Grade: September 11
  • Deadline: 3rd through 12th Grade: November 13 (Registration will be limited for 10-12 grade teams.  Registration may be closed prior to deadline)
​To register online Click Here
To print the PDF Registration Form Click Here

5th & 6th Grade Partial Team Form Click Here
Boys 7 & 8th Grade Self-Formed Division Click Here
9-12th Grade team packet registration information. NEW this year!  Click Here 
(HS teams will be LIMITED this year!)

Resident Cost 

Non-Residents pay an additional $20
  • 1st and 2nd Grade: $35
  • 3rd and 4th Grade: $45
  • 5th and 6th Grade: $55
  • 7th through 12th Grade: $80

Due to gym space at the high schools, high school teams will be limited. 
 League may be closed prior to deadline.

Basketball Team Formation:

Grades 1st-4th: AF Recreation's utilizes our "Standard" for organizing registrants into teams for these grades.

Standard Method:

1- A Head to head request is guaranteed, if in the same division

2- Organized into areas by using our "Map Number"

3- Organized by using the ASD school boundaries the participant lives in or attends

A player may play up one grade level only if their parent volunteers as the Coach of the team. Limited to 2 players playing up per team. Applicable to all leagues 1st-12th grade.

Grades 5th & 6th: A Coach may present a roster of up to 3 players to be placed on his/her team (with parent’s consent). Additional players will be added by AFR to complete the team using our "Standard" method. Individuals not registering with a specific partial team, will be placed onto a team using our "Standard" method. Girls 5th and 6th grade will be combined.  

Girls Grades 7th & 8th: Player are placed onto a team using the "Standard" method. This league is generally combined with the surrounding cities' Girls 7-8th leagues. 

Boys Grades 7th & 8th: Boys teams are separated by grade. Each grade is separated into two different division. Players have the option of signing up in the Open Division or in the Self-Formed Team division. 

    Open Division: Individuals registering in the open division will be placed onto a          team using our "Standard" method. Players in this division will only play teams within the same division

   Self Formed Division: A coach must present a complete roster with a minimum of 8 players to be considered in this division. Teams who decide to self-form will be placed into the Self Formed-Team Division and only play teams within that division. Players included onto a coach’s team roster will not be granted other player request.

Grades 9th, & 10th-12th: Teams may be completely self-formed. Individuals not registering  with a specific team will be placed onto a team using our "Standard" method. Players included onto a team roster will not be granted other player request. 

Self-formed team participants for 7-12th grade must be in the school boundaries or attend TMS, Mtn Ridge, AF Jr, LPHS, or AFHS. 


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