Safe Sidewalk Program

American Fork City currently offers a sidewalk replacement program where the city will take care of any trip hazards they are notified of. Additionally, the city will partner with the homeowner to help fund any cosmetic fixes to sidewalk outside of the trip hazard area. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and available only as long as budgeted funds are available.  Funding varies yearly depending on budget constraints.  Once the program budget amount is met, the program will close for the year. 

The Safe Sidewalk Program continues to provide great value to property owners while helping to improve our neighborhoods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Property owners can notify the city of a hazard or request participation in the Safe Sidewalk Program by Email or by calling 801-763-3060.

• Make sure to specifically note that you want to participate in the Safe Sidewalk Program.

• Specify if you have a driveway that crosses the sidewalk.

• The driveway apron (the portion of driveway between the sidewalk and curb) is the not considered part of the sidewalk plan and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

• You must give your complete name, a contact phone number, and complete address.