Environmentally Friendly AF

City of American Fork 
Environmental Stewardship of American Fork Canyon 
Resolution No. 2015-06-17R

WHEREAS, the City of American Fork has environmental, economic, social and historical interests in American Fork Canyon; and 

 WHEREAS, the City of American Fork desires to establish best practices and policies regarding the management and use of such public property, recreational property and the environment; and 

 WHEREAS, the City of American Fork has an obligation, as environmental stewards, to create thoughtful measures that protect the watershed, and the sources and quantities of water and natural resources that support local habitat, residents and industry; and 

 WHEREAS, the City of American Fork desires to reasonably preserve historic sites, historic recreation, respites and uses; and WHEREAS, our residents, and others living along the Wasatch Front, enjoy recreation in American Fork Canyon and the surrounding landscape; and 

 WHEREAS, the City desires to create safe, environmentally friendly and efficient right-of- ways for recreation and travel; and 

WHEREAS, there are economic forces that will attempt to utilize public lands or privatize public lands for economic gain to the detriment of lifestyle, we will stand with courage and hold our County and other elected officials accountable for the discharge and protections of these resources which have value that supersedes pure economics.

WHEREAS, we support historic Utah County Commission ordinances, statutes and staff recommendations that have protected American Fork Canyon by reasonably limiting access by commercial entities who have other access points, namely from Salt Lake County. 

 WHEREAS, all those who have gone before us would expect us to rise up and balanced measures to protect our borders, those who will follow will benefit from environmental protections we the citizens of American Fork demand for our namesake canyon for decades to come; for it is from whence life springs forth, from which clear waters flow for our crops and sustainment of our families, from which many early settlers gave their very lives as they toiled in the canyons to provide for their families, and this legacy must be preserved, the lands - protected with thoughtful and reasonable measures. 

 WHEREAS, these God given resources are dear to us and vital for our community, we therefore ask our County Commissioners to stand alongside us and to use reasonable tools including legal actions and or injunctions to protect our lands. We call upon our County Commissioners to engage with open public meetings beginning on July 1st 2015, to be held in the City of American Fork to begin critical discussions regarding our public lands. We call upon the Forest Service, Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) and other trusted groups to join with us in the democratic process.