Library Balcony Art Gallery

January's artist is Wendy Jacobs. Her art will be displayed February 1-28. Artist reception will be held Monday, February 4 at 6:00 pm.

Artist Information

I am a wife and mother of 6, and grandmother of 1.  I was born and raised in Southern California, but have been living in Utah most of my life.  I graduated from BYU and moved to Lehi, where we have been fortunate to raise our family.  

I have always loved the outdoors and Utah has some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers.  I believe that being an artist helps me notice and better appreciate God’s many creations. 

I favor using oils because of the texture of the paint.  It can be smooth and blend softly or it can be heavily textured and thick.  Sometimes I use a palette knife to get different textures of rock or water.  I have been painting for almost 30 years.  I enjoy painting everything from portraits to landscapes.  

While I do take commissions of all kinds, I have been finding inspiration lately in the many different landscapes that the West has to offer.  What a beautiful place we live!  I am always striving to bring some of that beauty indoors so that we are always reminded of God’s beautiful creations.  My work can be found in local art shows and on Facebook under Wendy’s Palette.

Collection Information

This is a small collection of paintings representing flowers and landscapes that I love.  Much of my work includes water in some way.  Water, whether found in rivers, lakes or oceans, connects us all to nature.  In addition to the necessities water provides, it is just beautiful to behold!  I hope you enjoy this humble collection of my work.  I am only trying to reproduce what I observe in nature.  God is the true artist. 

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