Library Balcony Art Gallery

August's Artist is Gayle Stratford. Artist reception  will be held Monday, August 6 at 6:00 pm. Art will be displayed August 1-31.

Artist Bio

I recently moved to American Fork after living most of my life in Southern California. I have always loved creating art, whether visual or performance. After studying art and graduating from college, I went on to art school for three years to receive intensive training in preparation for a professional career. However, after art school these plans were put on hold while I raised five wonderful children with my husband Scott. They were enjoyable but wild years—a blur of activities. I had studied dance and music for most of my life and since my children were very ambitious in the areas of dance, music, and theatre, it was easier for me to “go with the flow.” I found myself painting scenery, choreographing dance segments, playing in orchestra with them, and squeezing in an art workshop here and there. As I continued to study and learn along with my children, I felt like I was studying art and design as well. I found that art, music, and dance, especially in the compositional aspects, meld into one universal medium. Now, after resuming my art career, I am excited to awake every morning eager for the opportunity to paint.

Artist Statement

“Faces from Life” – A collection of oil sketches painted from live models: Nothing trains the artist’s eye better than painting from life. Photos can be a wonderful tool, but only by painting from life can the artist gain a sense of atmosphere and depth that are missing from a photo. Photo color can be generalized and lack the logic of warm parts coming forward and the cool planes receding. As an edge turns away from the artist, the actual color mixes with the atmosphere color, becoming more neutral and creating a lovely sense of depth. After many studies from life, an artist can successfully use a photo as a reference by painting with logic and knowledge instead of relying only on copying.

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