How Teams Are Formed

Flag Football Team Formation:

Grades 1st-6th:  AF Recreation Dept. utilizes our "Standard Method" for organizing registrants into teams.

Standard Method:

1- A head to head request is guaranteed, if in the same division. Head to head request only involves two people and is guaranteed when person A requests person B, and person B requests person A, before the registration deadline. 

2- Organized into areas by using our "Map Number"

3- Organized by using the ASD school boundaries the participant lives in or attends

*A player may play up one grade level only if their parent volunteers as the Coach of the team. Limited to 2 players playing up per team. Applicable to all leagues 1st-12th grade.

Grades 7th-9th & 10th-12th: Teams may be completely self-formed. Self-formed teams need to complete the team roster form and submit it to the Recreation Department. All players on the roster will also need to register in person or online. Players included onto a team will not be granted other player requests. OR Registrations my register as an individual to be placed on a team formed by the Recreation Department.