Director's Message

director message

Our holds pick up is a hit! Thanks to all of you who have picked up your materials. It has been a delight to connect with you again! To those who have not been able to participate, our hearts are with you. We hope you have been accessing e-reading materials, watching our story time recordings, or using our databases and online resources. Above all, we hope you know how much we appreciate and love American Fork Library users! We look forward to being able to serve all of you again in person.

In accordance with state guidelines during this “Moderate Risk Phase” we will continue to provide our current level of service for another two weeks, when we will re-examine the situation. In the meantime, we are already prepping the library to ensure that our employees and patrons are safe for when we can reopen our doors.

We are especially excited about our summer reading theme this year: Imagine Your Story! We are ready to adapt it to any circumstance that the next few months may bring. Join us for a new way to enjoy this program as individuals, families, and as a community.

 Casandria Crane, Library Director