How many books can I check out?

You can have as many as 50 items checked out. 

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1. Do I need a card to check out books?
2. How do I obtain a library card?
3. How many books can I check out?
4. How long can I keep the books?
5. Can I renew my books?
6. How much will I have to pay if my books are returned late?
7. If I find a ripped or loose page in a book I checked out, can I just tape it?
8. Does the Library have Wi-Fi?
9. Can I use a computer and/or print at the Library?
10. If you don’t have a book I need, what can I do?
11. Do you have any eBooks?
12. Can I use my debit or credit card to pay my fines and fees?
13. Do you have an outside / after hours book drop?
14. Am I notified if I have overdue items?
15. What if I am not receiving emails from the library and I have given them my email address?
16. Can I reply to notices I receive from the library?
17. Do you have reading programs for children?
18. What is reciprocal borrowing / North Utah County Library Cooperative?
19. Does the Library have a community bulletin board?
20. What is the Library's Mission Statement?
21. What can I do to help the library?
22. Do you accept donations?