Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Toilet Paper Needed!!

During this time of safety and preparedness our seniors are having difficulty getting toilet paper. we need your help! If you can spare a role, please donate it by dropping it off at the back of the senior center anytime from Tuesday, March 24 through Friday, march 27. Your donations will be a tremendous blessing for you and for those who need it. All toilet paper donated will be given to seniors, as soon as we feel we have enough we will stop collecting. Click to read the Mayor’s comments on the subject.

Important Notice from North Pointe Solid Waste SSD

In light of the COVID-19 situation, the following protocols will be observed by North Pointe Solid Waste SSD:

  • No cash will be accepted at the scale house until further notice.
  • Credit card transactions will be handled at the scale house only where proper distancing can be maintained.
  • No manual assistance at the unloading areas will be provided.
  • Please observe the 6’ separation rule.

To further help eliminate transactions American Fork is allowing one free dump at North Pointe Solid Waste to residents. Just show them proof of residency (e.g., drivers license or utility bill) when you get there. no touching needed. Offer valid during State COVID-19 distancing recommendations. This is in addition to the 3 free dumps available to you through the AF dump pass. We ask that you try to hold off using the dump pass cards if possible. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding

State Updates

On March 12, Governor Herbert held a press conference on Utah’s plan to take proactive steps in fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19). Among other things he stated these measures represented an "overabundance of caution" saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Since then, the measures have been updated to the below recommendations:

  • Limit mass gatherings to less than 10, including church meetings, concerts, and conferences.
  • Those over the age of 60 and those with compromised immune systems should avoid interacting with others.
  • If you or any member of your household are sick, stay home. If you can work from home, do so.

On the following day, March 13, Governor Herbert released a notice announcing two-week dismissal of Utah’s Public Schools. These actions are considered temporary for the time being and are attempts to slow the spread of the virus using something called social distancing (6 ft. or greater) to reduce the chances of contact. 

Did you know most City services can be done online or over the phone, including paying your utility bill, applying for utilities, and even requesting a dump pass! Call 801-763-3000 or follow the below links:

Pay Utility Bill

Apply for Utilities

Request a Dump Pass

Donate Blood

Impacts to AF City Services

Rather than coming into City facilities, residents can accomplish most City needs online or over the phone by visiting or calling 801-763-3000. This includes paying your City bills, signing up for utilities, and even requesting a dump pass! If you do have to come in for anything, please minimize contact with surfaces and keep safe distances from people and staff.

Additionally, in an effort to follow the recommended guidelines from state and federal officials, and practice what has been called an “overabundance of caution”, American Fork City would like to institute the following changes to specific city services beginning Friday, March 13. These changes will remain in effect for two weeks, ending March, 29. However, the city will evaluate during this period to determine if additional changes to services are necessary.

AdministrationIn an effort to keep our citizens safe and as recommended by the Utah State Health Department, all AF facility lobbies are temporarily closed to the public. However, we’re still open for business! Please use the following methods to contact us: Phone: 801.763.3000 Email: 
Fitness Center
Effective Friday, March 13, American Fork Fitness Center will be closed. This will include all programs, classes, and activities, including pool activities. In light of these closures the city plans to extend the end dates for current programs as well as patron passes. Depending on the circumstance we may also offer refunds. For more information please visit
Recreation ProgramsEffective Friday, March 13, all American Fork outdoor recreation programs will be postponed. This will include baseball and spring soccer. The City plans to extend the end dates for these programs. Depending on the circumstance, we may also offer refunds. For more information please visit
Senior CenterEffective Friday, March 13, all activities and reservations at the senior center will be canceled. However, the senior center will still be offering meals for qualified seniors during their regularly scheduled times. Seniors who use the Meals On Wheels program will still have meals delivered to their homes as usual. Qualified seniors who come to the center for meals can pick them up through a drive-through service at the back of the center. For more information visit or call 801-763-3090 during office hours.
Library ServicesEffective Friday, March 13, American Fork Library will be closed, including all scheduled programming, room reservations. We will not be offering physical book pick up and ask that patrons not drop off any books for the next two weeks. all late fees will be delayed two weeks accordingly. Patrons can still take advantage of our eBooks and eAudiobooks. For information on these services call 801-763-3070 or visit
*The full closure of the library was an update to Mayor Frost’s statement declaring that the library will stay open. This update is in response to the school district closures that occurred the day after the Mayor’s statement was released.
Public Safety
Effective Friday, March 13, all scheduled tours of the police and fire stations are canceled. If you suspect you have COVID-19, or have questions regarding the virus, we ask that you not go directly to the police or fire stations. Rather, we ask that you utilize existing resources such as the coronavirus hotline (800-456-7077) or website ( If you’re feeling ill and it’s not an emergency, we ask that you contact your physician or use telehealth to assess the next steps. While our police and fire services are trained to handle COVID-19 emergencies, they are still required to operate as usual and have limited capacity to take every person’s questions regarding the virus.
Public MeetingsWill be handed on a case by case basis. Where possible they will be electronic. People can access all city agenda’s and minutes electronically here and can watch city council meetings on the City’s YouTube channel here.

We want to stress all these steps are precautionary. Our City will still be providing the essential services. Our water is still clean and safe to drink. You can still go out and enjoy the bright sun, warm weather and clean air. For now, any changes to services are temporary. American Fork City is being proactive to make sure our community remains safe. Please be kind, understanding, and prudent during this time of caution.

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